Goal setting- Not my excuse

Goal setting- Not my excuse

April 22, 2019

Goal setting- Not my excuse 

There is never a perfect time to use a diary, the time is now more than ever. It's a time to stop, refocus and realign. Goal setting is a perfect tool for planning, as well as an amazing tool to visualise your week, month and year. As someone who is chasing goals daily, I find that my diary is my best friend.

Change is hard – you’ve probably noticed that! However back in the reality of day-to-day life it’s sometimes difficult to actually stick to your plans and achieve your goals.So what can we do to make change easier?

Technique 1 - Have a plan
Write 1 large goal and 3 small goals, why are these important to you?

Technique 2 – Go public
You are more likely to be successful if you tell your friends, family and colleagues about your goals. Apparently people are more likely to stick to their views and promises if they have gone and told others, i know a few of my clients who train with me have set themselves up a seperate social media account so they can hold themselves accountable.

Technique 3 – Remind yourself of the benefits

Those who ended up making and maintaining permanent changes to their lives tended to frequently remind themselves of the benefits associated with achieving those goals. Frequently remind yourself of the “why” your goal is important.

Technique 4 – Have rewards in place

Make sure that your sub-goals have a reward attached to it. It will give you something to look forward to and provide a sense of achievement. Example 5kg- new dress or massage ect.

Technique 5 – Put them in writing

Make your plans, progress, benefits and rewards as concrete as possible by expressing them in writing. Your diary will be your best friend! Review these every 8-12 weeks

H, xx

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